Many young people in Cambodian provinces, such as youth in Siem Reap province, migrate for work to Thailand. The majority of that migration is done undocumented. Lack of employment opportunities, especially after the harvest season, is a major influence on the high rate of migration.

Accessing Information about Migration and  Safety (AIMS)

To help inform youth about the risks of migration and how to migrate safely, the Accessing Information about Migration and Safety (AIMS) project began in early 2014 with funding from the Dream Blue Foundation of Blue Telcom, Inc. The goals of the project were to develop resources for safe migration, as well as to conduct peer-educator trainings on how to use the technology at target schools.

Migration is a fact of life for most people, including me, so legal migration is a must. Meng, a peer educator trained as part of the AIMS project

 Enhancing Community Safety Through Peer Education

The AIMS project provides young Cambodians considering migration, or who have already migrated, with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions, and to travel and find work safely if they do decide to migrate.

In the Community and In the Schools

Since 2014, World Education developed the AIMS website, the first ever Khmer-language website, as well as an interactive voice response (IVR) system as resources for youth considering migrating. The AIMS project provided training to 5,644 youth in target areas (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Prey Veng provinces) on how to use the new website and the IVR system.

The AIMS website is a very useful resource for students. Before, some students dropped out of school to migrate to Thailand without understanding the risks of illegal migration, but now I can see that my students are better informed. Mr. Vun Voeung, school director

Paying it Forward

World Education trained more than 200 peer educators through the AIMS project. Those youth now have the knowledge to provide information and educate other young people about migration as well as how to use the AIMS website and IVR system.


World Education worked in collaboration with Friends International and Media One to implement the AIMS project. Learn more about the AIMS project on