Due to political unrest, economic uncertainties, and lack of livelihood opportunities, approximately three million migrant workers from Myanmar (Burma) have resettled their families in Thailand. Although many parents are able to find work, their children face barriers to attending school and many do not receive a consistent or accredited education.

Through the USAID-funded Project for Local Empowerment (PLE), World Education is building the capacity of the local government and organizations to provide sustainable education solutions along the Thailand-Myanmar border, in seven refugee camps as well as four states in Myanmar.

Many migrants are unaware of their child’s right to study under the Thai government school system. World Education programs inform migrant communities of their children’s educational rights and enable them to overcome barriers to enroll in and attend government schools in Thailand.

Open House Information Day

World Education, together with partner organizations, works to encourage community engagement. This included facilitating an open house information day for parents and caregivers, funded through our complementary Pathways to Accredited Centers of Education project. During the session, parents and caregivers learned about their children’s rights and were able to enroll their children into Thai government schools, ensuring long-term educational sustainability for their children.

Annually, World Education supports over 700 students from Myanmar to enroll into Thai schools. A quality education allows migrant children to have greater educational opportunities past primary and secondary education. Through official accreditation, migrant students are able to pursue recognized study programs in Thailand, Myanmar, and internationally.

World Education Thailand believes in providing various educational pathways for ALL students. For more information on pathways for accredited education, please visit our website at www.thailand.worlded.org.