Girls' and Women's Education

Annual Report 2019: Equity & Inclusion

World Education incorporates equity and inclusion in all the work that we do, especially in access to quality and affordable education. Whether we’re working with persons with disabilities in Myanmar and Laos, ensuring girls receive a quality education in Ghana, or providing adult learners the technology needed for full participation, we aim to improve the […]

Girls' and Women's Education

An HIV-positive mother nourishes her community in Mozambique

Lurdes Langa, an HIV-positive mother in Manjangue, was growing concerned for the children in her community. As an active volunteer, she saw every day how vulnerable children needed a safe space for support in early childhood development, nutrition, and HIV. “Children in my community could reach age seven without significant physical, cognitive, emotional, and social […]

Girls' and Women's Education

Amelia, an HIV+ Caregiver of a Vulnerable Adolescent, Finds Her Feet Again

“If this project had not come to my neighborhood, I would have died by now. I got a second chance through their assistance. I am grateful because I have gained my life back.” – Amelia, World Education beneficiary Amelia’s first husband died of AIDS, leaving her with one child. She remarried, but her second husband […]